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YEP AGROFOOD POSITION Larive International - Aquaculture Project Manager East Africa (East Africa)



FoodTechAfrica (FTA) is a public-private initiative combining the strengths of Dutch agro-food companies (mainly SMEs), knowledge institutes, governmental agencies and their East-African counterparts to improve food security in East Africa through the establishment of a fully integrated aquaculture value chain. Larive International is the initiator and project manager of FTA.


Larive is based in Zeist, the Netherlands and a partner office in Nairobi, Kenya. The candidate (Young Expert) will be based in Nairobi and work on projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.


The project contributes to the development of local capacity through knowledge transfer, linking existing primary production processes and results in a positive spin-off in terms of increased production and productivity, improved infrastructure and technical capacity, more efficient markets and local entrepreneurship, thereby benefitting both commercial and small-scale subsistence farmers.

The projects partner have established and improved fish feed production and currently work on the following sub-projects:

• Establishing and improving primary production systems of fish;

• Establishing an integrated fish value chain: processing, cooling, logistics, retail, wholesale, food service;

• Improving human resources and infrastructure (technical skills and support structure);

• Training programs in the field of feed, fish production and fish processing.

Please see the youtube video (search ‘FoodTechAfrica’) or

As the FoodTechAfrica project has been successful in driving the growth of the aquaculture sector, the project partners are replicating the model to Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda where currently several aquaculture production demonstration facilities and vocational training centers are being established.


Tasks and activities Young Expert

The Young Expert will have a central role within FoodTechAfrica and the spin-off projects in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. He or she will execute both project management tasks as well as technical work (including installation of aquaculture production and commissioning) and training.

Project Management activities

- Act as the central point of call for the aquaculture development activities under FoodTechAfrica and other aquaculture projects in East Africa;

- Build relations with project stakeholders and partners, including the royal Dutch embassy, United Nations, local entrepreneurs and impact funds.

- Safeguard the commitment of the project partners in East Africa and the Netherlands.

- Monitor progress made vis-à-vis the formulated results of the projects;

- Support the development of training programs for fish farmers;

- Organize incoming visits to East Africa by Dutch and local stakeholders;

- Collect data for the Monitoring and Evaluation program and market research;

Technical activities

- Support with the construction of aquaculture production units throughout East Africa;

- Provide hands-on support in the process of establishing demonstration production units and training centers (including logistics, planning, storing, installing and commissioning);

- Coordinate training programs and ensure it is properly documented. In time, the candidate will conduct training activities to East African fish farmers and other stakeholders.


Job requirements of the Young Expert

-Study completed in agriculture production systems (preferably aquaculture or livestock) or food & agribusiness;

- Interest to develop himself or herself as an aquaculture specialist with practical skills in the field of design and engineering, farm management, research and development, planning and budgeting, training;

- Proven technical knowledge of food and agriculture production systems at both company and value chain level;

-Ability to signal opportunities for further growth within the East-African aquaculture sector;

-Ability to communicate to both public (government) and private (business) stakeholders;

-Strong English and Dutch communication skills, both orally and written;

-Basic financial and administrative skills;

-Self-starting and ability to make decisions independently;

- Enjoy a challenging environment which requires a pro-active approach, flexibility and the ability to handle setbacks;

- Awareness of the various interests of the project partners and maintain a good balance between them.


YEP Programma Bureau +31 70 304 3704

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Date posted: 18-12-2017

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