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YEP POSITION - Netherlands Embassy Benin - Junior expert ICT4Ag policy (Cotonou, Benin)


Duration: 1 year


1. Strategy/policy development ICT4Ag: designing concrete approach for embedding technological developments in agriculture and food security projects
Information and communication technology as well as the use of specific tools, devices and applications are rapidly changing and improving the opportunities for agricultural development. Nonetheless many of the agricultural programmes are still based on traditional methods, i.e. training smallholders/(subsistence) farmers (often per specific value chains) about production and marketing techniques. Despite the fact that we already know that in the past decennia this has not led to any notable positive changes for most of them, the same methodologies are continued. 
Does ICT, digital technology or other innovations offer a way to rethink and redesign approach for youth employment (in agriculture)?

2. Approche communal pour le marché agricole (ACMA II) is a project executed by IFDC in the provinces bordering Nigeria. As part of the intervention strategy ICT4Ag is included at different levels: market information, logistical support, access to finance and knowledge exchange. As of February 2018, a feasibility study will be launched to identify which ICT4Ag approaches and tools should be piloted and then brought to scale in ACMA.

3. Liaison with other donors and institutional partners to establish a working group / knowledge exchange platform on ICT4Ag.

4. Orange corners: feasibility study to establish an orange corner in Cotonou


Food & Nutrition Security entails a wide variety of different themes, for example land governance, agribusiness development, nutrition, rural infrastructure, etc.. The team at the Embassy in Cotonou has a good understanding of most of the FNS related topics but there is not enough time make a deep dive into relatively new topics such as ICT4Ag, despite the increasing importance of this theme. In order to ensure that our FNS strategy and programming is cutting edge and up to date with latest developments and best practices, it would be of great added value to have a team member to cover these topics.


The YE will work in the Food & Nutrition Security cluster at the Netherlands embassy and will be responsible for a specific policy theme: ICT4Ag as well as manage one or more ICT4Ag related projects and be the liaison for the implementing organisation (IFDC and KIT).

-Create a knowledge database of ongoing initiatives and best practices in ICT4Ag

-Promote ICT4D with the Embassy and in other platforms

-Critical review of project reports, plans and studies in ACMA II

-Project monitoring


-Studies (for example feasibility study Orange Corners)


Education: MA in Agriculture, Food technology, Communication technology or a related field





-Intercultural skills

-At least basic knowledge of French language


YEP Programma Bureau +31 70 304 3704

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Job type: Vast / Tijdelijk
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Date posted: 17-12-2017

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