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YEP POSITION - Netherlands Embassy Kenya - Food Security Young Expert (Nairobi, Kenya)


Duration: 1 year


Key focus points for the development department are security and rule of law, water and food security. Strengthening the involvement of the Netherlands and Kenyan private sector in development projects for water and food security is an important part of the strategy. In the food security programme we focus on the aquaculture, horticulture and dairy sector value chains. Investment in agribusiness, capacity strengthening and the creation of a market for Dutch technology and expertise are at the core of the strategy.

The programmes are not implemented by Government agencies, but by development organisations in close cooperation with the private sector.

The strong focus on private sector requires a close collaboration with the Agricultural and Economic Counsellor. Further, closer cooperation with the Netherlands Business Hub will be needed.

The Young expert will be working in the Development Cooperation Department of the embassy, with focus on food security and to a lesser extend water. He/she will support the 2 Policy Officers (one International, one local) for water and food security in the implementation of the strategy for food security.


As indicated above the Embassy is in a transition phase from Aid to Trade. Although Kenya is not the only Partner Country in this stage it is however ahead of many others and often is that Kenya is seen as an example to others. The operationalisation of this transition takes substantial time and effort and therefore also (wo)manpower. It is also a very exciting time as Kenya’s experiences will feed into the future policies for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the same process new ways of working are developed and roles in the Embassy are redefined. A closer cooperation and coordination with the economic and agricultural councillor and the Netherlands business hub is required and at the same time less capacity for water and food security will be available as these two functions will be merged. The young expert will therefore be able to work on relevant aid and trade issues in the food security sector, but also get more understanding of the water sector initiatives.

To strengthen the investment and trade climate new initiatives need to be taken. In this transition phase we do not want to “leave anyone behind” and want to stimulate inclusiveness as much as possible. This requires the need for specific studies, more networking with new partners and focus on specific themes related to climate, youth and the nexus between water and food security. These additional (and necessary) activities will come under stress if they would all need to be carried out by the existing reduced staff.

Therefore in order to fulfil our brokering role in this transition with less staff and new exciting opportunities we think we can offer a very interesting position for a young expert.


The role of the Young Expert will be to support the food security team in the Embassy in the implementation of the food security programme. This implies that the YEP will support the team with the monitoring of the existing decentralised programmes and support the transition from Aid to Trade. In this context there will be a focus on the synergies with the centrally financed programme as well as a strong focus on the implementation towards stronger trade relationships.

The food security team consists of three people: First Secretary Food Security, a local staff member and the young expert. The final division of labour will be made once the team is complete, but in principle we see the following activities as priorities for the yepper:

To support:

-the two Policy officers in the implementation of the food security programmes and the strengthening of the synergy between the centrally funded programmes and the decentralised programme.

-the operationalisation of the water and food security nexus in the context of the aid to trade agenda. 

-the Dutch private sector in developing new business opportunities in the agricultural sector and support the process of linking them up to Dutch financing mechanisms.

-the organisations of the 2018 Embassy food security partner day and possible other food security/water events. The following activities will be part of the work programme, but depend on time available

-Support the process of enhancing the climate (creating ecologically sustainable food systems) aspect of the existing programmes as well as develop new initiatives in this field.

-Scope the tangible opportunities of youth in agribusiness.

-Scope the existing embassy funded and centrally funded food security projects for 
potential nutrition initiatives that could be developed for possible funding.


-He/she has completed a Masters study in a topic related to the field of food security and/or private sector development.

-He/she has at least 2 years work experience in the field of food security or agriculture.

-He/she goes the extra mile, is result oriented and knows how to prioritise.

-Self-starter, takes initiative and can work independently.

-Strong team player, has well developed social skills and is able to build up a network within Kenyan and Netherlands water and food security sectors.

-Well organised and flexible, able to deal with several issues at the same time and shift priorities quickly if circumstances require so.

-He/she has a strong feeling for integrity and is aware of cultural differences.


YEP Programma Bureau +31 70 304 3704

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Date posted: 17-12-2017

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