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YEP WATER POSITION Wetlands International (Ethiopia)


Position: Technical Officer, Water Resources Management

Country: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Project Title: Ziway-Shalla: Basin in Balance

Duration: 2 years

The Basin in Balance programme aims to address key problems causing the decline in water quantity and quality in the Ziway-Shalla basin, namely:

  • Unchecked and inefficient use of irrigation water by smallholder horticultural farmers;
  • Lack of transparent and fair water allocation and sharing model;
  • Limited institutional framework and capacity for basin management;
  • Poor watershed management causing erosion and sedimentation.


The programme focusses on:

  1. Supporting smallholder farmers to improve their productivity and water use efficiency. Demonstration fields will be established at lead farms at multiple locations; other farmers will participate in the pilot. Through training and field days, partners aim to broadly demonstrate a business case for improved farming practices with efficient irrigation, reaching the majority of irrigation farmers in the area.
  2. The local public authority responsible for the basin management – RVLBA – will be supported to develop, in a participatory way, a Water Allocation Plan (WAP) based on water permits and tariffs and ensure that this plan is endorsed by stakeholders. Water meters will be introduced to a pilot group by the end of the project.
  3. Dutch expert partners will engage in institutional strengthening of RVLBA, aiming to enhance the organisation with the right infrastructure and capacities to manage the basin resources responsibly, based on real-time data and clear internal procedures, while covering its operational costs from water revenues.
  4. The project will undertake a range of watershed interventions at the most critical sites, generating on-farm benefits for upland areas in the project’s hinter ground.

Project targets

The project’s purpose is to:

  1. ensure a balanced Ziway-Shalla Basin ecosystem with a sustainable and transparent water usage and distribution system;
  2. build capacity of relevant water authority (mainly RVLBA) to sustainably manage water resources
  3. improve water security and income of agricultural producers, particularly small farmers and women, in the lake Ziway catchment area.
  4. improved the conservation status of internationally important biodiversity.

By the end of the programme, results will be achieved in terms of decreased water abstraction and sedimentation, with improved income for smallholder farmers. Conditions will be in place for broad rollout of the Water Allocation Plan, including the introduction of water meters at irrigated farms, which is the precondition for sustainable management of the water resources in the area.

Role of Wetlands International:

Wetlands International provides technical and strategic backstopping to the Wetlands International Eastern Africa and Ethiopia Offices. Its role is therefore to mentor as well as provide guidance to the local partner organisation (the Eastern African office). The Young Expert will be part of the Eastern African office.

World Waternet is co-funding the YEP position and is involved in the Ziway Shalla Basin programme as coordinator for water allocation planning and capacity building of the RVLBA.

World Waternet is hence frequently in contact with Wetlands International and Wetlands International Eastern Africa and Ethiopia offices and providing trainings to RVLBA a few times per year.


The Young Expert will be expected to contribute to the implementation of the following tasks and activities within different work packages that are under Wetlands International and Waternet:

1. Water Allocation Plan (WAP) for Ziway Shalla sub-basin completed and accepted by stakeholders:

  • Establishment of the WAP Steering Committee
  • -Ensure completion of a Water tariff study (including permits, payment modalities and enforecement mechanisms)
  • Development of financing plan for water security investments
  • Drafting of a comprehensive WAP
  • Workshops for stakeholders on environmental protection and responsible water use and related provisions in the WAP

2. Institutional capacity in place for the WAP implementation and basin management:

  • Integrated water resource management training programme for RVLBA staff
  • Training and organisational advise on water permits and tariffs
  • Training on management of stakeholder processes

3. Key watershed interventions in Ziway Lake implemented

  • Establishment of cooperation structures with target communities, with attention to women user groups
  • Awareness raising workshops regarding unsustainable practices for the water basin

The Young Expert will:

  • Assist in the work packages coordinated by Wetlands International and Waternet.
  • Prepare scientific and technical reports when required.
  • Manage contracts of consultants working on the relevant projects to ensure quality of key outputs and timely delivery.
  • Communicate and liaise with RVLBA and other government agencies and other partners in relation to project development and implementation.
  • Represent the organisation at meetings, seminars and conferences (local and international).
  • Assist in the development of new projects / initiatives.
  • Respond to general technical queries.
  • Facilitate training workshops in relation to water resources management.
  • Liaise with other Wetlands International offices in developing / contributing to specific programmes/projects.
  • Lead and participate in field assessments and complete relevant assessment reports as and when required.



  • Master’s degree in water resources management,
  • 2-- 4 years’ work experience with catchment level IWRMprogrammes/projects,
  • Experience in institutional strengthening and capacity development,
  • Experience in river basin planning,
  • Ability to focus on creating collective impact and demonstrating added value (of World Waternet and Wetlands International’s work in Ethiopia),


  • Excellent communication skills (reading, speaking and writing) in English,
  • Strong interpersonal skills, ability to engage with a range of stakeholders,
  • Organisation and prioritisation skills,
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.,


  • GIS and remote sensing


  • Dutch Nationality

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Date posted: 02-11-2018

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